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In every Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to day, days to week, weeks to month and months to year.
The quest for perfection in all we do as humans, the hunger to succeed and despise to fail.
Is the first reason we seek a perfect lifestyle tip round the clock.

We at Living tall perfect lifestyle got you covered in this article (post) a second to none article. Read on to master the tactics we use in living tall and perfect with our unique millionaire’s hubbies to get you ranking higher in real life.

Perfect lifestyle tips

  1. Exercises
  2. Aim for perfection (in your job, life, schooling etc.)
  3. Eat balanced diets
  4. Eat regularly
  5. Make extra incomes (side hustles)
  6. Zero unhealthy habits
  7. Keep your mind healthy and free
  8. Take more water
  9. Be self reliant
  10. Be patient

How does this make sense in real life?
Is this it?

Questions and questions might be running through your head right now, maybe with the speed of light. My answer to everyone of em is relax and watch them unveil themselves. You are sure not going to regret clicking through as your answer lies below, waiting to be explored.

In recent years, people seek the aid of perfectionist to do their jobs, to partner with, to employ, to learn from etc. Leaving the rough guys (non perfectionist) tossed around, you can’t blame them though. People want the best products, the best services they can get.

So whatever you do, you have to do it well. Not a little above average but far above it, let us agree up to 80%, it’s not easy though but very possible.

Now to the listed tips


It’s simple and very easy to understand. Probably there is nobody on the internet today, new to the word ‘exercise’ .
Yeah, although it’s a very common word everybody knows but most would rather not partake in.

The lighter blue for those who don’t, dark blue for those who never did any form of routine exercises, yellow for those who stopped and red the 5% remaining.

Exercise in its simple nature is a highly recommended proactive cure for sicknesses and diseases, affecting healthy behavior of the human heart, muscles, brain etc.
With a far bigger advantage, I still doubt if there are any disadvantages. Still more than half of the world population does not include it in their daily routine, an error indeed.

My advice is simple make a daily routine include exercising, to keep fit and healthy. It’s one of the millionaire’s hubbies, I suggest you take part in.

#Aim for perfection (in your job, life, schooling etc.)

Whatsoever is worth doing is worth doing well.
In the world today, the competition is tough, considering the vast population of people who do what you do. Who are more experienced, who know better.

The chance of getting picked up from among the crowd, turns out to be being able to stand out and uniquely perfect for the job.
The others(mediocre) are usually disposed off for the perfect/unique one. So in life it’s only ideal you are up to 80% efficient to stand out.
It takes lots of work to achieve but is definitely possible.
For a student less party more studying.
In life less vices more virtues etc.Will Smith said, skill is only developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft.
Remember it takes time and nothing is easy.

#Eat balanced diets

Like exercises it cannot possibly be ignored.
Balanced diet is defined as consisting of suitable proportions of foods from all food groups.
So our choices of food makes us healthy to a very large extent.For example if a person should take only junk foods for a period of one month not minding the quantity and another person balanced diets for the same period of time. The former is prone to get sick and look skinny or extremely fat(obesity) and the latter healthy and full of life.

#Eat regularly

Most people tend to skip meals when busy, stressed, angry etc. Which is very unideal and should be totally avoided.
In eating regularly, we mean up to 3 times a day, consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Large population of the world tend to skip breakfast or lunch, of which neither is healthy and should be avoided by all means as it is not good for ones health.

#Make extra incomes (side hustles)

Your 9-5 job may probably not take care of all your monthly expenses, a good reason to start a side hustle.

They are quite a lot of interesting side hustles to try base on your schedule you should look for a suitable one to work with.
My opinion is usually working online, it saves time, less expensive to start and cheaper to run etc.
My suggestions for working online are usually blogging, freelance writing, online stores, affiliate marketing among others.
My advice on this is;
‘start before you are ready’.

#Zero unhealthy habits

I mean stop them.
if an habit is proven unhealthy I don’t see any reason you should continue with it.

Bad habits have their ways of limiting people from reaching their full potentials, they are obstacles to get rid of in living your best life.

So I don’t advice keeping them either hiding it or exposing it both ways are wrong, I advise total discarding all of them.

Bad habits to quit in 2021 should be of help.

#Keep your mind healthy and free

None but ourselves can free our minds_ Legendary Artist, Bob Marley.
Freeing your mind and keeping your mind healthy solely depends on you. That’s where the ‘none but ourselves’ comes in.

Whatever bad crops up in your life it’s solely on you to dwell on it or trash it
I advise the latter, trash it on anything bad and forge ahead less depression sets in which is capable of driving very fast to it’s utmost destination ‘suicide’.

#Take more water

It’s importance like taking balanced diet and eating regularly cannot be over emphasized as it aids digestion and it is a class of food in itself. For more info More

#Be self reliant

In being self reliant I mean, being independent, cutting down expectations from others etc.
In self reliance you find peace and minimum disappointments to live with.

#Be patient

Trust me on this, good things take time.
Always exercise patience in life, in dealing with people.
And for the perfect lifestyle tips be patient and work on it.
You will definitely beat mediocrity armed with it.

You are free to add your own tips on the comment section and please use the share buttons.



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