17 medical tips to keep your brain healthy

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World health organization(WHO) had previously called on individuals and societal help on enlightening people on the dangers of the inhumane habits and treatments melted on the brain. Here is our own researched niche on the topic categorized under mental health – 17 medical tips to keep your brain healthy.

We at living tall perfect lifestyle blog, put together this post to enlighten, educate and help people live tall and healthy, physically and mentally.

A study found out that although the many amazing features of the human brain, that makes life worth living. Most of the people(the higher numbers) tend to ignore the brain’s health until signs and symptoms of possible brain failures sets in e.g. memory loss, persistent headaches, extreme mental fatigue, seizures, tremors, weakness etc.

This Article outlines the enemy’s of the brain boldly and comprehensively for easy understanding. It’s long term damaging effects down to it’s short term disturbing effects.
During my research on the study I found out my own shortcomings in the subject as well. Due to my long day jam-packed daily routine, of which nearly half of the world adults population are suffering something alike.

Permit me to say ‘it’s not just you’. Countless numbers of individuals are guilty of these inhumane habits/ treatments melted on the brain.

Back to the topic we all need rest to function properly and in resting/free time there is not much to be done, just a little straightening of your day to day routine.
Knowledge keeps us on higher grounds to live better and healthier. So no knowledge is waste. An healthy mind is wealth, don’t ask who said so.


According to Oxford advanced English dictionary.
The brain is the control center of the central nervous system of an animal located in the skull which is responsible for perception, cognition, attention, memory, emotions and action.

Hence the human brain is the center control room of the human body and should be safeguarded and kept safe from all it’s enemies below as stated by World health organization (WHO).

10 things to avoid to keep your brain healthy according to health research.

Sugary food/drinks

Refined carbohydrates

Food high in trans far


Highly processed foods

High level of Mercury

Sugary food, It’s completely ok to take sugary food but not too much of it. Studies conducted on animals has shown that high fructose intake can lead to insulin resistance in the brain, reductions in brain functions, Apart from that high intakes of sugary food and drinks may increase the risk of dementia and many other things.

Refined carbohydrates High intake of refined carbohydrates with a high glycemic index(GI) and glycemic load (GL) may impair memory and intelligence in humans a study confirmed. As well as increasing the risk of dementia. These includes sugar and highly processed grains.

Food high in trans fat
Trans fat maybe associated with impaired memory a study confirmed but evidences still remain mixed up.
Boycotting trans fat completely from diets and increasing unsaturated fats may be a good idea.

Although moderate alcohol intake isn’t bad and have some positive side effects.
Excessive consumption can lead to memory loss, behavioral stress and sleep disruption.

Highly processed foods
Contributes to excessive amount of fats around vital organs which is associated with decline in brain tissue.
Western diets ranks top of the list on highly processed foods.
Which may lead to increase in brain inflammation, impair memory, brain plasticity and the blood-brain barrier.

High level of Mercury
Once a person ingest Mercury, it spreads around their body, concentrating in the brain, liver and kidney.
The effects of Mercury toxicity include
Disruption of the central nervous system, neurotransmitters and stimulation of neurotoxins, resulting in damage of the brain.

Other habits unfit for the brain include
• Not getting enough night sleep.
Here lies my guilt. About my jam-packed daily routine am working on it. You should too. The human brain is better off not stressed unnecessarily.

• Playing loud music with earphones or headphones.
The loud music might result to head aches which is totally avoidable and should be avoided. You sure want to know other negative effects of music*Five negative reasons why you should keep the music off

• Missing breakfast and inadequate water intake.
Here it comes, Diet. Take more of veggies and pinches of junk food. Eat well and don’t skip meals it isn’t healthy and totally not advisable.

• Smoking.
Like other unprescribed/illegal drugs people take for fun, relieve of stress etc.
It’s harmful to the health and should be avoided by all means possible to avoid it progressing towards neurodegenerative diseases.( These occurs when blood flow to the brain is not sufficient due to unhealthy state of the heart.)

7 Things to do to keep the brain healthy

• Quality sleep
Sleep well, my research on quality sleep says sleeping for at least six to eight hours for adults per day is healthy and anything less not advisable.

• Meditations
Take your time ten to fifteen minutes and just meditate. It doesn’t just help to relax the brain but enhances a good night rest.

• Playing puzzles
Are you surprised? Yes tackling puzzles is good for the brain, it aids fast thinking.

• Worry less
All my years on Earth, I’ve found out that worrying doesn’t help matters, so why worry? Keep those thoughts off your mind. It decreases productivity.

• Keeping an Healthy heart
Am not a doctor but research says it’s good for the brain. It prevents risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels which in turn increase the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases by impending blood flow to the brain.
So try getting some exercises daily, it sure helps.

• Exercise
Just exercise. it’s all-round good for your body and mine to stay fit and healthy.
• Socialize
Keep good companies, make friends, laugh, play and do things together. It’s good for your mental health.

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