5 Extremely Simple ways to make money online

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As a young entrepreneur, starting from scratch. I’ve been faced with many difficult times, failures and setbacks. Times I wished never occurred. Take for example working for less than 2 dollars for a day pay to save up funds for investments, blogging etc.
No need saying much, with that you should know where am coming from. Thank goodness am living better now. What I do is simple, make money online, use the subscribe button for step by step guidance.


Simple ways to make money online.

• Blogging
• Affiliate marketing
• Online store
• Freelance writing
• Proof reading
• Advertising (promoting brands)



What is blogging you might be wondering if you are not used to the term already.
The dictionary defines it as the editing or designing of a blog.
So what is a blog?
According to the dictionary as well it is s website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal, sometimes letting readers comment on their posts.

I think it’s something more since you can actually make money from it through ads, paid ads, digital marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

To start up a blog is quite easy on WordPress.org as it is self hosted and reliable, go to any of the hosting platform pick a choice and make payments, that easy.
For the record you should be good at writing and you can blog on anything at all eg. Cooking, travel, games etc.


Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply marketing other people products and it’s quite easy to set up.
It simply means a specialized form of marketing where an advertiser seeks to advertise or sell products or services through an affiliate network.
There are plenty and plenty of affiliate programs to try in 2021.
Take your time and calculate the odds.
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Online store

Store (mainly North American English) A place where items may be purchased; a shop. That’s the meaning of store according to the English dictionary, so we are to just add online to it. Then It’s simply marketing your products online, to get started you can register on any of the online store hosting platform.


Freelance writing

To strive as a freelance online (Someone who sells their services to clients without a long-term employment contract.) you must be a great content writer or anything else needed online and be far off from average, because almost all the time, online freelance writers and other vacancies are always around the corner with so many people applying simultaneously.


Proof Reading

Is the act of checking a written text for errors in spelling and grammar.
If you are the type good at spotting errors on writings. You should consider giving it a try.
It’s quite easy to start, try reaching out to real people on your social media handles, join writers group on Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest writers group boards etc. promote yourself and boom you get your first paycheck when the job is properly done.


Starting up

I knew what I wanted from the onset but investing was a big problem of its own.
Maybe like me you don’t have money or what it takes to start up any of the above now, I certainly understand.
Having lived it through , I’m here at living tall perfect lifestyle blog to help people attain their dreams and goals in life, connecting them to their purposes.

My one big advice to you is live at your own pace and subscribe to learn as you wait.
I learned to understand online side hustles the hard way. A terrible way.
So my advice to you today like Jack Ma is simply trend softly, make enough mistakes, fail and see yourself grow.
Once you accept your flaws no one can use them against you.
In life nothing is easy, nothing is free. We are continually faced with failures, working extra time on crippling our every dreams. If you are not really enthusiastic and obsessed on what you want (to make money online), you might never get it.

From high school to college, from teenage age to adulthood, and then the real life challenges sets in.
Rising above them sets you on higher grounds.

Read on as I’m about to walk you through the millionaire’s processes I use in dealing with failures and re-strategizing to attain my goals working online.
Before I started Blogging, I’ve gotten myself involved in other online hustles and I know how frustrating it could be finding the right pick.
For the most I tried the higher number were waste of time. Still I didn’t give up and kept on consoling myself and kept moving, resounding in my head was ‘today is tough, tomorrow tougher and the day after tomorrow beautiful’.
Trust me that’s where I wanted to be, that beautiful day so I ought to put in work and conquer short term failures in life.

The millionaire’s secrets I use in dealing with failures working online

  1. Dusting it off

    Don’t let anyone, anything or failure tear you apart. You are your own biggest supporter, many times you are left to cheer yourself to victory because no one sees life from your eyes.
    You owe it to yourself to succeed.
  2. Don’t overthink things but keep records straight.

    If you ever hit your foot against a stone on your way to the grocery store, draw it on your map(mark it’s point), so you won’t be dealing with it again.
  3. Forget not that it’s a natural phenomenon, A part of the process towards attaining your goals.

    When a man ponders on yesterday, the future he sees is deemed.
    One has to let go and start over, this time not from scratch but from experience.
    One must fail at different points in life and in making money online it’s not different.
  4. Try doing it differently

    So many people fail continually because they make a routine they don’t want to part ways with.
    If it’s not working try doing it differently.
    If there are no fishes by the river bank, take a canoe.
  5. Make the most important decisions pertaining to your life yourself.

    These decisions made yourself helps you get over grieve quickly than when persuaded by others.

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