Benefits of Aerobic Exercises in young and old people

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Exercises are usually not very common in most adults lives compared to other social activities, so most of the time exercises adults engage in are act of peer influence, TV shows (pre-football and other sports exercises, adverts), for personal body relief etc. So the benefits of the exercises they engage in to them is what they tell themselves. But today we’re going to look into the benefits of a particular type of physical exercises most young people engage in randomly “aerobic” in this article benefits of aerobic exercises.

What are exercises

Types of exercises

What are aerobic exercises

Types of aerobic exercises

Benefits of aerobic exercises

Safety tips on aerobic exercises


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What are exercises

Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defines it relating to human life as,

Any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability.

Also as activities intended to improve physical, or sometimes mental, strength and fitness.

Exercises are generally known to improve life of individuals who engage in it in all kinds of ways, improving their health, increased physical fitness, boosts self confidence and better mental health etc.

Types of exercises

There are just two main types of exercises when the subject exercise is logically concerned.

They are,

Mental exercises and

Physical exercises

Of which both controls the general welfare of the human body relating to both the physical body and the mind.

Mental exercises

Mental excercises

These are excercises of or relating to the mind or an intellectual process.

It’s usually done to aid balance thinking, free the mind from worries, sharpen memory etc.

Types of mental exercises

Running or walking exercise

Yoga exercise

Boxing as exercise

Puzzle games (memory exercise)

Music and dance

Physical exercises

These are exercises having to do with the body as opposed to the mind; corporeal, bodily.

It’s mostly done for general body health, fitness, strength among other reasons.

Types of physical exercises

Aerobic (endurance exercises), our focus on this article benefits of aerobic exercises.

Strength exercises

Balance exercises

Stretching exercises

What are aerobic exercises

Aerobic (endurance exercises)

According to Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary it’s a form of exercise, designed to enhance one’s cardiovascular fitness. These are exercises that increases both breathing and heart rates while working out.

Types of aerobic exercises

They are quite a number of them but in this article we’re going to be listing the very most common among them.

They Include






Stares climbing

Tennis/basketball playing etc.


The practice of running at a relatively slow pace for exercise.


Work done in maintaining a lawn, and related landscaping activities. These type of work is usually tasking which gravitates the heart and lungs to beat faster as an individual continuously involve him/her self in it.


It’s the act of partaking in a dance, while dance is A sequence of rhythmic steps or movements usually performed to music, for pleasure or as a form of social interaction.

When dancing continuously for a period of say 10 minutes, you are going to feel tired, stressed and your heart beating a little faster since it’s a quite tasking activity for the body which qualifies it under aerobic exercises. The ability to fasten your heart rate, breathing rate etc.


The act or art of sustaining and propelling the body in water. Like yardwork it’s also tasking and other aerobic exercises it also trains the heart and lungs.

Swimming most importantly trains the lungs, holding up your breath under water for a period of time trains the lungs and as well the heart from easily getting shocked.


The sport of riding a bicycle.

This particular exercise when done properly is not only beneficial to the legs and arms, but also to the heart and lungs.

Stares climbing

Stares climbing can as well be classified under aerobic exercises if not too relaxing or relatively slow as it possess same effects on the body as other aerobic exercises if done moderately fast.

Tennis/basketball playing

Of which both requires speed, the major components of aerobic exercises.

Benefits of aerobic exercises

Benefits of aerobic exercises are quite much and worth the stress of it.

They include,

Improves individual health.

Increase in physical fitness.

Improves mental health

Improves health of the heart.

Improves health of the lungs.

Improves health of the circulatory system.

Lowers blood pressure.

Decreases resting heart rate.

Assist in weight management or weight loss.

Helps control blood sugar rate etc.

Safety tips on aerobic exercises

Drink water before exercise

Exercise moderately or as suggested by your medical personal.

Exercise under supervision of others or rather in presence of others.

Rest when necessary before re-continuing with your exercise.

Avoid power or energy boosting drugs before exercise.

Glucose should be readily available before exercises to be taken after intense exercises for old or young people new to exercising.


Exercises in bold is one of the most important thing to start your day with and also the most ignored in our day to day lives. This article benefits of aerobic exercises is even more reason to give exercises a chance in your daily routines as it benefits definitely worth it.

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