Easy tips to starting a blog for beginners

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Welcome to our blog post on easy tips to starting a blog.

Most times people tend to try out new things, ranging from games, new dance moves, new food, social medias and digital skills including blogging.

Blogging, unlike Facebook and many other social media the odds are higher to cope, it’s quite overwhelming starting up a blog without a coach and with no basics in computer training.

Starting up

Most people tends to just search Google ‘ create free blog ‘ in a more advanced sentence structure and opt in for free platforms.
A very wrong turn while starting off in blogging, it could end up a total waste of time.
These searches are then likely to direct them to blogger, WordPress.com and some other platforms.
On creating their blog they get something like biggscook.blogspot.com or biggscook.wordpress.com or anything else instead of biggscook.com. An automatic sub domain with Countless limitations are there by allocated to them.

After a period of time the need for a domain kicks in and then monthly subscriptions for WordPress.com sites.
The expenses finally catches up. The exact expenses, many were avoiding at the start.
The truth still remains that if you are not willing to invest capital to your blogging, you are not ready to start up.
Invest in capital, only then you can truly put in work to getting the ideal blog and For better SEO features.

Like most people I started off these way as well, didn’t knew much then. I started my first and second blog at blogger. Then decamped to WordPress.com thinking it was the popular WordPress.org and started off another two until I realized the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.WordPress.com and WordPress.org starting a blog
Does it really have a difference you may ask.
Yes it does. A whole lot of it.
On my next post I will write on them specifically but for now WordPress.org is what you need.

It’s who hosts your site that matters, WordPress.org is more ideal to the other.
It let’s you own your site and manage it your way.
Unlike the other with it’s many limitations.

There many hosting platforms out there to try out, if you are ready to start up using WordPress.org. Here are some examples you decide for yourself.
Ranging from
• Siteground
• Bluehost
• HostGator
• Hostinger
• GoDaddy
And many others. Pick a host and pay the price for the plan you need and start blogging. I personally call it starting strong.
More factors to consider include
Your domain name.
Is it easily memorable for your viewers, if it is then it’s good to go.
Nothing else matters much around there.

Your site title.
The same rule applies to it as domain name.

Your niche.
What’s your blog about? Is it catering, pets, entertainment or news etc. Be specific about your blog niche and stick to it.

These are the few best basics you need starting up, for advanced starting up a standard blog please do well to subscribe and get a mail when it’s up and ready. 

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My regards.

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