10 Healthy morning routine habits to start your day

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They are quiet a number of things to do each day for everyone in their day to day lives, but the right placement and attention given to each of them is what makes the day a successful one. This article healthy morning routine habits to start your day is aimed at educating people on how to go about making a successful day.

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Warren buffet once said, If you want a successful year, make a routine for a successful week and repeat it round the year and a successful year you will get, it goes same way to make a successful week by straightening up your daily routine.

When Success stories are usually told people listen, but replicating the same steps into their personal lives and businesses becomes the problem either because of lack of funds or skill in that particular field. One thing to note is not the funds or the skill, what’s necessary is self discipline, focus, consistency, well defined goal and our article healthy morning routine habits focuses on that as well.

Healthy morning routine habits to start your day with

  1. Sleep
  2. 5-7 minutes rest immediately after waking up
  3. Drink water
  4. Schedule your time round the day
  5. Exercise
  6. Take a shower and wash your mouth
  7. Take breakfast
  8. Coffee
  9. Live out your planned schedule


Many young people today start their day with their mobile devices, computers etc. scrolling through the net or in front of a TV watching a movie show when they are supposed to be sleeping(for records purpose a new day begins at 12am). This practice has been severally condemned by medical personals as it’s one of the leading factors to insufficient sleep in humans with devastating side effects to general health and even more, threat to life.

5-7 minutes rest on your bed

After waking up from sleep some people tend to just jump off from their bed to keep to time either for an appointment or regular daily work, which is very wrong.
This habit could be very dangerous to health according to studies and endanger lives mostly of older folks not totally ruling out the fact that it could harm anyone irrespective of age.

What happens to you when you rush up from bed?

  1. The body is still weak/fragile for the first 5-7 minutes according to studies which could result to easily missing your steps to crumbling down to the floor.
  2. The brain is not fully awake (sleep inertia ) and sets a pace for confusion on what to do and how to do it, which could roughly disorganize your day.
  3. It increases blood pressure and stress level etc.

Drink water

Studies on water intake shows that drinking one glass of water in the morning when the stomach is relatively empty is a great habit very few people live up to.

Drinking water in the morning before a meal can help rehydrate you, prevents headaches, dizziness during the day.

Schedule your time round the day

After a taking a glass of water, it’s now time to schedule your day, set daily goals, what to do and what not to do.
The importance of time schedule can never be over emphasized, the reason why, is once you’ve a thing planned out, it runs smoothly than when roughly jumped upon without proper planning. Goals setting gives a sense of fulfilment at the end of the day when everything goes as planned.

One of the major difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is, successful people plan their day, set daily goals etc. While most of the people who don’t plan their day and end up drifting around with no direction or success are the unsuccessful ones. Success is far from people without direction.

Note, you don’t have to do exactly what Mr. A did to be successful, you just have to apply same effort and discipline in what you do to be successful.

There are so many successful people out there but take mark Zuckerberg for example in wealth, you don’t have to own a website to be successful or rather another Facebook model, all you have to do is be disciplined, consistency pays.

Or say Usain bolt, in exercising you don’t have to replicate what Usain bolt does to be fit and healthy, just consistently do your little.


Exercises are supposed to be daily norms for everyone (going for a run/walk, squatting, push ups etc. ) Exercises is the number one key points people miss out on in healthy morning routine habits to start your day.

Exercises like early morning water drinking is another pro thing people boycott for junk living.
Exercises prevents quite a number of diseases to be just ignored.
Which includes the following though other day to day factors could enable them such as diet etc.
Heart disease
High blood pressure
High blood cholesterol
Diabetes etc.

Take a shower and wash your mouth

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. Personally I’m yet to understand this phrase but I try my best to always adhere to it.
Going around without taking a shower and washing your mouth/brushing your teeth could lean down your self confidence in public places.

Take breakfast

If you are one who misses breakfast regularly you are sure breaking one of the golden rules of healthy morning routine habits to start your day.

Breakfast according to research happens to be the most important meal for the body. Skipping the most important in many cases doesn’t augur well in a scale of preference.

For personal health development missing breakfast is a no no thing, it could resort to lack of concentration at work or school, higher stress level and even more on a long term stomach ulcer.


It’s usually a nice daily start up, but shouldn’t be made to take the place of proper breakfast unless when dieting with a striking balance of interchanging turns for coffee and proper meal.

Note, too much coffee can bring out the side effects of coffee since a good amount of caffeine is contained in it, side effects like digestive issues, anxiety, high blood pressure and fatigue etc.

Live out your planned schedule

For a writer it could be go to work after the morning routines, come back home write a complete chapter on a book you’re working on, visit the grocery store, cook dinner, eat, shower etc.
This planned out part in your daily schedule, once you are able to live up to it, life becomes more and more meaningful and days more purposeful.

And remember always strive to do what makes you happy and what works for you in as much as it benefits your health. Healthy morning routine habits to start your day offers the guide you need

Health is wealth…

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