3 superb reasons to start a blog today

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Talking on blogging. You might be wondering if it’s under my niche. Yeah it is, under making money online category.

My first advice to people who are willing to do what it takes to make money online is usually blogging. Why? It’s more than just a trusted investments platform to me. You don’t lose your money or else you forfeit your goals and give up.

In blogging it’s a whole different world but if you are willing to do what it takes, you are welcome.

My blogging career almost didn’t happen, I started off as a struggling student seeking a way out of life difficulties.

Blogging wasn’t really friendly at first, with zero knowledge on the subject, what did I even expect? You might be thinking. I thought it was just another random social media kind of thing.

Thinking it was a easy way out of my predicaments I started off immediately, backslided the moment money got involved.

Why? No money.

Yeah I said it didn’t almost happen because of quite a number of factors. Which are very important in starting a new blog up till now.


A PC (personal computer)

And lastly a big coach, physical person’s support.


Money was a problem. Yeah, because of my country of residence, paying in dollars was damn expensive. The conversion rate wasn’t encouraging. When I converted my monthly pay it just about 45 dollars as at then. It wasn’t nice.

No PC (personal computer)

In blogging you are certainly going to face many limitations blogging with just your Android device. You will get to see many notice like ‘you can’t access this service login with a PC’. Plugins like wp forms makes top f the list that requires a PC to operate it and so many others.

A coach or a physically present person.

It was just me and the net. Didn’t even had friends who were into blogging then.

I came up a struggling brand, still struggling. But am saying you can live your dream life.

Before you start blogging, you could start by gathering quite enough reasonable amount of followers on social media to keep your blog alive at the starter stage, which was not so with me. I literally viewed mine for so longbmyself.

My only encouragement was,

Today is tough, tomorrow is tougher, the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Jack ma

One thing I learnt struggling my way in is ‘nothing is easy’.

First rule in life,

If you don’t go for what you want you will never have it.

Beginnings are usually scary and endings sad but it’s everything in between that makes it worth living. Bob marley

Start today and live your dream life. There is no more time to say am not yet ready.

You have waited a long time in the world, try giving yourself permission to fail.

My 3 outstanding pleasure reasons why you should start blogging are

1. For the money. Although it’s not a get rich quick scheme and it requires lots of work. It worth it and It gives money anyways. Perhaps money could be your reason as well to own a blog.

2. For time freedom. Yeah, I don’t play with my free time. The 9-5 is definitely not for me and maybe you too. I still can’t imagine my self on 9-5 schedule daily for peanuts probably. When blogging is unlimited in terms of monetization ( making money off it)

3. Passion. My passion for writing got me in as well. Am a freelancer if you wish to know. Helping people live positively and grow together in peace is my ultimate goal in life.

You might have lost money to some get rich quick schemes, blogging is definitely not one of them.

Failure isn’t the end of man, Go for it. Live your dream

Want to blog start today.

It isn’t too late.

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tanssityttö · March 12, 2021 at 12:15 AM

You don’t have to have followers when you start blogging, I didn’t. It sure helps but you can also start to blog and then get followers.

Easy tip to starting a blog for beginners – Living Tall Perfect Lifestyle · March 20, 2021 at 4:04 AM

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