How to bath the baby and yourself the right way

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How to bath the baby and yourself the right way according to medical experts is another carefully ignored health concerns issue.

What is bathing?
How often should one bath
Why you should bath
Step by step guide how to bath the baby and yourself the right way

I guess you have heard of people fainting or slumping down in the bathroom, What’s the cause? why particularly in the bathroom and how do one prevent it are all contained in this article. “how to bath the baby and yourself the right way”.

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What is bathing?

To bath. According to Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary which further explains it under noun as,
“The act of taking a bath”.
While Bath is simply defined under verb as (transitive), to wash a person or animal in a bath.

How often should one bath

It largely depends on quite a number of different reasonable factors, to determine how often one should bath.
In some locations of the world bathing is a daily norm for locals while in some other part of the world it’s definitely different.
The factors responsible for this includes,
Weather conditions
Availability of water
Work etc.

Weather conditions
Mostly dependent on the average daily temperature of the season in that particular region.
When it’s hot (summer) people are likely to bath more regularly and when it’s cold (winter) people often bath less to avoid the freezing cold that comes after.

The frequency of bath in different age groups still very much depends on geographical location.
Working class adults bath more compared to retired adults or infants during winter, why? They go out to work and appearing clean always, boosts self confidence.

Availability of water
In some regions of the world, there are water scarcity and the grounds around such places usually rocky. So the availability of water in such places as well determines how often one could bath daily still depending on the cost of water therein.

Depending on the nature of some work it is very necessary to bath after work while others it’s a merely optional task.
For example an unskilled labourer like a bricklayer and an office worker, after their daily job, it’s necessary the unskilled labourer (bricklayer) bathes and optional for the banker in the same winter season.

Why you should bath

Personal hygiene does provide health benefits and most people need to bath regularly. In addition to it’s use for routine washing and grooming, water offer some other benefits relating to pain relief and treatment in the form of hydrotherapy.
Baths, steam showers and other bathing methods can:
Improve immune function
Ease muscle aches and pains
Reduce swelling
Increase blood flow
Improve concentration
Lesson fatigue
Makes it easier to breath etc.
According to Medical news today on the subject.

Step by step guide how to bath the baby and yourself the right way

When bathing there is a standard procedure to follow, but only few people know about this procedure and adhere to it. If only more people could be enlightened on it, fainting or slumping down in the bathroom will definitely reduce to a minimum.

The procedure is very simple and easy to copy.
In bathing most people start randomly but the ideal way is to start from your foot.

The head should not for any reason be washed first in the process of taking a bath ( even washing of long hair for girls ). other parts of the body should be cleaned first.
This is because when the head is wet and cold, blood will flow to the head to warm it up.
If the blood narrows, it is likely to cause the blood vessels to rupture.

Correct bathing procedure
Start the wetness from the sole of the foot.
Progress upward towards the knee, the thigh, abdomen and then shoulders.
At this point, pause for 5-10 seconds.
A feeling like steam/wind overflowing from the body may be observed; and then take a shower as usual.

Why you should follow this procedure (how to bath the baby and yourself the right way).

Take for example when a bowl is filled with boiled water and another with cold water, with a frog inside the cold water and suddenly the frog is swapped from the cold water into the hot water what happens?
The frog will die, since it’s body cannot quickly adapt to such swift changes but can only adjust to gradual changes.

Now with regards to the human body, what happens when suddenly cold water is poured on the head?
Naturally, the body temperature is hot, whereas the water is cold.

The throwing of cold water all of a sudden over the head or face is extremely dangerous.
A cold shower on the body or the head directly would suddenly trap the wind, or deaden it, because the blood vessels got broken.

It can also invoke the airway protective reflex which closes the larynx, slowing down the heart rate and causing a person to stop breathing, a medical professional highlighted.
There is a chance that some people will react very badly and some may die even though not always immediately.

This is the main reason why people often suddenly fall over in the bathroom; due to wrong bathing method. And which often causes a stroke or migraine, he further stated.

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This bathing method (how to bath the baby and yourself the right way) is suitable for all ages, especially those with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Migraine/Headache.

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