How to earn part-time income with offline affiliate marketing

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There are quite a number of ways one can make money online or offline in today’s world economy, but in this article we are going to be fully concentrating on a particular subject among them, which is how to earn a part-time income with offline affiliate marketing.

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What is Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing in it’s simplest form can be explained as marketing what doesn’t belongs to you as a person but rather the act of marketing goods/services in the place of a middle man to earn a commission usually depending on a previously agreed percentage between you and the goods/service provider.

It can also be better understood by it’s meaning according to Oxford advanced learners dictionary which defines or rather explains it as, A specialized form of marketing where an advertiser seeks to advertise or sell products or services through an affiliate network.

With the above definitions/explanation by Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary, for us to better understand what affiliate marketing is, we need to first confirm what the term affiliate network used by the dictionary is all about.

Affiliate network according to Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary is a clearing house where entities with a product or service to sell can locate marketing professionals who will promote their products or services for a fee or commission.

With the above definitions and meanings I’m pretty sure we are still on the right track on what affiliate marketing is all about.
Take for example Mr. A owns a landed property and would be traveling out in a few days with not enough time to market his property to potential buyers, here Mr. B comes along and offers to make the sale for him for a fee/commission since he was quite unable to do it by himself. Note marketing requires some basic skills and time to close a deal.

Since you now have a better idea of what affiliate marketing is all about with help of the clear example above. The question now in your head or rather in most readers mind is a simple one, how can I get involved?

First and foremost before I explain any further, I want to share this point with you, what most bloggers won’t tell you, affiliate marketing is not in anyway limited to online sales only, as you have seen by my example of Mr. A and Mr. B else you were not paying keen attention to the subject.

Affiliate marketing is very much applicable to our regular day to day living and how to go about it in real life is quite easier. In the same sense it’s also very much applicable online and also easy to set up but in making real sales online quite a number of factors come into place. These factors and online affiliate marketing as a whole will be treated some other times.

For now we are strictly looking into offline affiliate marketing.

Offline affiliate marketing

Is simply marketing other people products or recommending their services for a fee or commission without going online since both the producer, goods owner, service provider and the buyer of either services or goods are people of that particular region(country, state, city etc.).
The above definition does not in anyway rule out the possible use of social medias for communications or for creating of product/service awareness (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.) in offline affiliate marketing but rather clearly states business deals are usually closed offline since both parties usually meet at the end of the day.

Necessary things to know about offline affiliate marketing

First, you must possess at least a good knowledge of marketing as a life subject.
Many people ignore learning marketing skills simply because of their self esteem.
Less you forget, if by any chance you were able to produce the best software application for a particular function today and nobody knows about it, you would most likely achieve nothing for all your efforts.

Secondly self confidence and act of persuasion cannot be undermined in real life affiliate marketing since there is no keyboard to hide behind from your clients.

Thirdly offline affiliate marketing is definitely not a full time/part time sales person but an advanced sales person with the privilege to schedule your day just as you wish.

Ways to get an offline affiliate marketing job.

Look for opportunities

Take surveys of your local environment, check for posters and banners with ‘for sale’, study them, check your list (families, friends, social media followers, neighbors, colleagues etc.) for potential buyers. Meet the seller make a bargain for an affiliate sale after which you close the deal by simply convincing your client to purchase the product or service you had earlier bargained for with the product or service provider.

Meet people

Get in touch with business minded individuals (sole proprietors) Give them a list of your terms, conditions and why they should do business with you to help sell their goods/services, clearly stating your fee or percentage for each sales.

This procedure is usually not a win win one because you will sure get a good number of No, but don’t forget to keep your head up and keep going till you get what you Desire.

Own a brand

Start a shop, let’s say a computer repair shop where people can fix and as well get themselves a new/fairly used computer.
With that in place you would likely automatically develop a brand name of good in computers around yourself placing you in a place to easily sell computers, computer parts and computer accessories as an affiliate.
This method is easily applicable for a number of alike business ventures.

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