Insane Regular bad habits to quit in 2021

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We at Living tall perfect lifestyle took out time to pen down this Article because it has become utmost relevant and impossible to ignore.

‘Modern day regular bad habits to quit’. Outlines certain bad habits/ behaviors negatively affecting individuals and the society to quit doing.

From the previous decade till now, a certain amount more of bad habits joined the global trend of already overly populated bad habits.
A few of the most dangerous trending habits are listed below.

Modern day regular bad habits to quit

1. Insufficient sleep
2. Feeling unconcerned towards the affair of others
3. Sleeping with phone together in bed
4. Watching porn
5. Too much TV
6. Lack of exercises
7. Sleeping too much
8. Loud music
9. Yelling
10. Junk food
11. Social media addictions

12. Indecent dressing etc.

Individual bad habits vary from person to person research says. In that case ( according to the research) everybody has theirs to deal with, nobody is completely Free.
People engage themselves in the above bad habits for diverse reasons, ranging from pleasure down to laziness, civilization, addictions etc.

1. Insufficient sleep

Studies on humans shows that an adult male or female needs from 6 to 8 hours night rest (sleep) daily. Anything lesser could be dangerous and so not recommended or ideal.

Lack of quality night rest (sleep) in humans impacts lack of concentration, increased fatigue on daily activities, increased clumsiness and laziness to work. Which could as well lead to headaches, feverish conditions etc.

Long term research on insufficient sleep says it raises the risk of chronic diseases, obesity, mental health issues and as well capable of shortening one’s life span by increasing the risk of accidents.

2. Feeling of unconcern towards the affairs of others

Worst than ever before, people don’t care about their neighbors. Such behavior/terms are usually portrayed like ‘I don’t care’, ‘not my problem’ kind of Lifestyle could be a crippling virus to our societal norms.

When everybody minds their businesses and do not care about their neighbors, their neighbors kids, their neighbors health etc. The society will surely be affected negatively by ignorance, bringing room for more vices than virtues, because then everybody has become selfish to care only about their personal interests and nothing else.

In the words of Albert Einstein,

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but those who watch them without doing anything.

3. Sleeping with phone together in bed

Although no research proves that cell phone use causes cancer or even links to other health challenges, facts yet to be cleared. Still cell phones are said to possess small amounts of electromagnetic radiation, which are also emitted from X-rays and microwaves and can lead to tumor growth in high amount in humans.

World health organization warned in 2011 about usage being carcinogenic to humans especially children.

With that said, keeping phones on the bed with you simultaneously while sleeping is totally not advisable. Many people tend to fall asleep using their phones which usually results to sharing the bed with it. To avoid such try finishing things up with your phone before going to bed.Abcnews for more details.

4. Watching Porn

Pornographic view although not seen as totally bad habits depending on individuals way of life, it’s capability to corrupts the human brain cannot be ignored.
With a tendency to influence young adults into unprotected sex, masturbation and molestation etc. Ways to stop watching Porn can certainly help getting rid of it.

5. Too much Tv

Not seen as a bad habit by the higher numbers but it is.
Watching too much Tv could waste your productivity hours as an individual or your rest hours. Movies watching should be timed, say 2-3hrs at most less it begins to consume time for more valuable things.

6. Lack of exercises.

The higher numbers of people in the world do not exercise. I mean they never make out time for real exercises.
Their daily routine is a simple one. Wake up from sleep, clean up, take breakfast, go to work, comes back from work, take dinner, watch a movie and sleep.
Research calls that junk living, an unhealthy way of life which could result to sicknesses and diseases that could have easily been avoided in exercises.

7. Sleeping too much

Like insufficient sleeping it has its own disadvantages. Which includes,
Increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and death according to several studies done over the years. Too much is categorized as greater than eight hours which is the perfect ideal time to sleep for adults.

8. Loud music

The damaging effects of music, mostly loud cannot be over emphasized Negative effects of music will help you understand the subject better and for the records, it could damage your hearing ability the long term.

9. Yelling

According to research can cause chronic pains, headaches etc.
When angry, most people tend to yell not minding the consequences it has on them and the fact that it could be quite an embarrassing sight in public places.

10. Junk food( snacks etc.)

Research on food advices cutting down of junk foods to it’s minimum in diets.
These came after a previous study labeled junk food as unhealthy and lacking in nutrition.
Fruits and vegetables are advised by professionals in place of junk food considering the presence of vitamin on the latter and total boycotting of junk foods.

11. Social media addictions

Once you wake up in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is checking your social media handles, there is a chance you might be addicted.
Many young people spend a great deal of their time on social medias making other people rich instead of chasing their dream life to make themselves rich.

12. Indecent dressing

No longer a new norm but fast evolving with the speed of light.

People know longer know the differences between undies and pants. People now attend public gatherings with their undies or quite exposing clothes. it’s an embarrassing and a silly bad habit but people say ‘You can’t shame the shameless ‘.The trend goes on and on, comment what you think should be included. It’s a fully conversational Article and we would like to hear from you.

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