15 low budget side hustles for college students

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In this article 15 Low budget side hustles for college students we are going to be sharing with you the basic concept of side hustles, how to utilize it properly and options to pick from as a student to level up with college standards.

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College life unlike high school and it’s likes comes with a whole lot of bills to be taken care of coupled with increased responsibility on students to assist their families pay some of these bills by themselves, fund their college relationships and a whole lot of other things, increasing the need for a side hustle in school except in the case when parents or sponsors are quite rich enough to afford everything they need for them so they don’t have to work.

What we mean by side hustles

Hustle in clear terms has quite a lot of negative meaning to positive ones, but hey we’re no pessimist down here so we’re clearly in for all the positivity in it.

So the word hustle according to the dictionary and what we do here is simply,
(informal) To work.
(informal) To put a lot of effort into one’s work.

So when we say side hustle as a student, it’s simply working on your free time when you are not studying to generate additional paychecks to your bank account.

Side hustles vary from one another, some require good amount of money to start and get running while others don’t, some require more time input than others and so.
But the ones we’re about to share with you is just perfect for a regular college student and very easy to set up and maintain with your free time although some of them would require some basic skill to start and run which must have been previously acquired e.g. barbing, tech person, hairstylist etc.

Low budget side hustles

They are
Affiliate marketing
Part time Cleaning jobs
Part time barbing
Uber driving
Tech person
Computer operator
Part time trade
Part time teaching
Decorations and designing
Manual labor

Some of these side hustles can be personally developed by oneself while others are skills one could easily learn before college to stand a better chance on scaling up your paychecks around school from your side hustles.


Is defined in the dictionary as the act, or occupation, of one who launders; washing and ironing.
Laundering as a side hustle in school is one of those listed that doesn’t require much money setting up and easy to manage with your free time.
It also does not require lots of time to learn as it is very easy to get along with, since basics of it has already been learned from early teenage years as a personal life skill of an average person.

Who are potential customers to laundering in college.
Though it’s a basic life skill we’ve previously mentioned, some people are also plain lazy, too busy, or can’t get it properly done by themselves for different reasons. These people are your potential customers (students, lecturers, school staffs, citizens of that particular region etc.)

Affiliate marketing

Is simply marketing products belonging to others for a commission or fee after every successful sale.
Affiliate marketing is divided into online and offline sales.
Online sales require some key factors in place before you can start, like owning a website, a good social media following, running paid ads etc.

While offline affiliate marketing is quite easier to set up and make cool cash from in a short period of time, read more on offline affiliate marketing and how to go about it in How to earn part-time income with offline affiliate marketing.

Who are your potential customers in affiliate marketing in college
In online/offline affiliate marketing it is simply anybody interested in what you have to sale, in as far as they know about it which now fully rely on your reach in advertising etc.

Part-time cleaners job

It’s not just easy to set up, it is also requires little means to run.
As a part-time cleaners you can work for individuals, shops, restaurants etc. Helping them out with chores they simply won’t want to do by themselves.
The demand for part time cleaners in college environment is actually on a increase.
Part-time barbing/hairstyling
This side hustle unlike the formers require basic training in the act before one can make money off it although it’s very popular in college environment it’s demand is also on the high side if you are good in what you do and have a little knowledge of marketing.


Though the two are quite different to be placed side by side, we’ve a post that critically explains both and how to go about it to make money off it, where you can learn and understand them better at 5 Extremely Simple ways to make money online

Uber driving

This does not totally portray you have to work for Uber or any personal drive taxi company or the least of all own a car to start.

What’s required is simple, be a good driver, be smart and courageous, then look for individuals willing to sell their car and offer to buy it on a long run(economical purchase) sign a deal and you’re ready to hit the road.
Working for a company is also not a bad idea it’s only fair you do what works out for you.

Tech person

Tech persons are generally known as problem solvers, so when you’re properly learned in a particular tech field people will definitely pay for your service.
One thing to note to attract best results never hide your skills to just a few people around you, publicize them.

Computer operating

In this age many people now know and understands basics of a computer. so securing a job maybe hard around college but owning a computer, a printer, a scanner and other computer accessories/components puts you on a better chance to secure jobs around college.
Computer operators in college can easily get jobs to design, edit software, typewrite documents etc.

Part-time trade

In college there are no laws that forbids you from buying and selling things to your course mates, friends, lecturers, neighbors etc.

What you have to do to be a successful part-time trader is simple,
What you can sell and be proud of.
How to market your products.
Who are your customers and what they need etc.

Part-time teaching

Part-time teaching in this sense is simply teaching people what you know well to earn money it doesn’t have to be in academics, it could be ‘how to swim’.

There are so many things out there people don’t know and you know some of these things, coach them on it and get paid.
It’s that simple.

Decorations and designing

Art is appreciated by all in it’s diverse form. So as a decorator and designer you stand a whole lot of chance to make money off what you do in college.

Manual labor

Is simply work done by hand or using basic tools rather than by machines; usually physically demanding but (sometimes pejorative) unskilled labor.

There are quite a number of such jobs around college e.g. gardening.


Cakes and other individual baked snacks are top notch most purchased junk food in college so there is always a open slot for any college Baker willing to give his/her best.


In whatever you choose to do or you do already it’s not enough to just be good in it, it’s very necessary you are not ashamed of what you do and always willing to promote, advertise yourself, your brand to people.
Cause even if you offer the very best services and nobody knows about it, it’s a complete waste of time since no one but your self will patronize you.

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