Mental health issues in young people, 11 things to note

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Many times young people become depressed, mentally stressed, tired and weak to the extent it becomes hard to even explain how they feel or what’s going on around them in their personal lives. This state of a person we refer to as becoming “mentally down or a mental downtime” and this article outlines 11 things to note about mental health issues for your personal life or rather to keep you from going mentally down and depressed as a young or old person irrespective.

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Self care mental health issues

Before we continue, it’s only right we understand some terms on mental health issues for people who may be new to them.

It’s defined according to Oxford advanced learner’s dictionary as “Of or relating to the mind or an intellectual process”.

Though most of us already know what the word health is about, we won’t be leaving it behind to avoid misconceptions.
It is defined as,
The state of being free from physical or psychological disease, illness, or malfunction; wellness.
A state of well-being or balance, often physical but sometimes also mental and social; the overall level of function of an organism from the cellular (micro) level to the social (macro) level.

Mental health

One’s emotional well-being, especially with reference to one’s outlook on life, ability to cope with stress or the absence of a mental disorder.

What we mean by mental health issues

We simply mean the elementary/basic part of mental health issues. How to get rid of them and be free before it grows into a clinical situation.

They include,

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Mental downtime
  • Mental stress etc.

How then does mental health issues affects individual behaviors.

Mental health in simple English coordinates your approach to life generally, everything you do and it does this not by itself but what must’ve been previously fed to it by you or your environment (families, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc.)
The food of the brain responsible for this is termed programming.


In computers studies it’s defined as “The software that controls a machine, or the logic expressed in such software; operating instructions”.

In humans it acts alike, people are programmed into the way they see life, measure success, scale failure etc. When an expectation now falls below self programmed standard it’s often seen as an error inflating the brain to stress and worry which could lead to becoming mentally down. So to totally avoid going mentally down and depressed the root cause programming must be revisited.

Revisiting/Rephrasing your mind (reprogramming)
What a phrase is, compared to the mind is very similar because both doesn’t make complete sense.
So what’s the need to rephrase? Simple, to include some sense and directions to a previously programmed mind.
How people react to the same things are very different because they were not programmed the same way.

The easy way to reprogramming is redefining your own rules, how you view life, your measurements of success, scale of failure and from that moment on what you are used to stress about becomes nothing to you depending on how you decide to change your view of life by yourself.

As kids most of us recall crying or at least feeling bad for failing to be on top of our class/studies but now most of us barely care about such, why? The standards changed.

This reprogramming is a kind of automated one but it doesn’t happen by itself, our peer groups, families and environment as we grow helped us outgrow it.

First rule to avoid depression and mental health issues is simply,
Reprogramming your mind.

  1. Live for yourself
  2. Judge yourself by your own standards
  3. What people say shouldn’t bother you
  4. People measurements of success, failure, beauty etc. shouldn’t bother you

1. Live for yourself
People usually don’t seem to understand this, but it’s very simple.
Place yourself first in everything you do, that’s being selfish, yeah, a little selfishness won’t hurt. Living for validation from others could result to suicidal thoughts when the people you love and care for so much, show no appreciation for your efforts.

2. Judge yourself by your own standards
Simply don’t heed to societal definition of what your life should be about, no one has the right to compare you into becoming what you are not. Sideline societal pressure, encourage yourself.

3. What people say shouldn’t bother you
Awful words are usually overthought, ponder less on negativity and always hope for the best.

4. People measurements of success, failure and beauty etc. shouldn’t bother you
Live at your own pace, focus on yourself, your goals, your life and compare yourself to none and you will be fine.

Second rule is, things to avoid for your mental health.

Mental health issues, things to avoid

1. Insufficient sleep
2. Overthinking
3. Worrying
4. High expectations
5. Sleeping too much
6. Keeping your downtime to yourself
7. Lack of excercises

Insufficient sleep
Studies on humans shows that an adult male or female needs from 6 to 8 hours night rest (sleep) daily. Anything lesser could be dangerous and so not recommended or ideal.
Lack of quality night rest (sleep) in humans impacts lack of concentration, increased fatigue on daily activities, increased clumsiness and laziness to work. Which could as well lead to headaches, feverish conditions etc.
Long term research on insufficient sleep says it raises the risk of chronic diseases, obesity, mental health issues and as well capable of shortening one’s life span by increasing the risk of accidents.

Most times people find themselves glued to this habit in situations that they can’t change and finds it difficult to control but there is always a way to go about everything.
In this case,
• Busy yourself with something else
• Sleep
• Talk with friends and Families
• Find someone to laugh it off with etc.

Quite similar to overthinking but with a little difference, it’s the overthinking of things yet to happen, becoming pessimistic about things and hoping it doesn’t turn out bad.
Like overthinking similar steps tends to curb it.

High expectations
In Lagos people say, “blessed are those who expect nothing from no one, for they shall not be disappointed”. In life, having high expectations from people irrespective of who they are to you will definitely fail. Expect less, Give more is one more secret to avoid mental issues ( mental downtime/depression )

Sleeping too much
Like insufficient sleeping it has its own disadvantages. Which includes,
Increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, depression, stroke, and death according to several studies done over the years. Too much is categorized as greater than eight hours which is the perfect ideal time to sleep for adults.

Keeping mental downtimes to yourself
Depression stroke people differently but more than half of the people become introversive over it and won’t say a word about it so as not to be termed weak by others which is of great concern to psychologists.
Phycologists pin point opening up about depression as one of the very first in it’s healing process.

Lack of exercises
The higher numbers of people in the world do not exercise. I mean they never make out time for real exercises.
Their daily routine is a simple one. Wake up from sleep, clean up, take breakfast, go to work, comes back from work, take dinner, watch a movie and sleep.
Research calls that junk living, an unhealthy way of life which could result to sicknesses and diseases that could have easily been avoided in exercises.

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