Why do people masturbate and what to know about Masturbation

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As simple as it sounds, there are quite a lot of reasons people masturbate as it is an individual thing and varies from one person to another. So why do people masturbate and what to know about Masturbation is really one hell of a question we are willing to answer the simplest way.

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What is masturbate?

(intransitive) To stimulate oneself sexually, especially by use of one’s hand or a sex toy made for this purpose, often to the point of ejaculation.
While Masturbation is manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner.

Fast forward back, masturbation/masturbating is considered a very shameful act to engage in either by a girl or a boy and with time these narratives are slowly fading off allowing more and more people to talk about it more often times as their weaknesses rather than what they enjoy doing.

The reason for this remains that although more people now talk about it, it’s yet to be understood as a natural human craving (compulsive sexual behavior) other than a weakness, this attitude or mindset is usually fueled by some basic factors which includes the following listed and explained part of life of individuals which makes lots of people very introversive about it in their everyday lives.


Religion as word has quite a number of meanings but we’re going to be working with just a few of them.
(uncountable) Belief in a spiritual reality (often including at least one deity), accompanied by practices or rituals pertaining to the belief.

(countable) A particular system of such belief, and the rituals and practices proper to it.

(uncountable, obsolete) Faithfulness to a given principle; conscientiousness

With these definitions of what a religion is, it’s indeed very easy to say more than half of the world People live under religious beliefs.

So why is religion a problem to speaking up about masturbation?

Religion in a sense is considered one among others as a pillar to virtues and religious beliefs are supposed to uphold virtues rather than condone vices.
Hereby dividing human lives and free will into a table of virtues and vices where masturbation happens to fall under vices and regarded as a sin to followers of that particular religious sect. This narrative is common with most religious groups.


Similar to religion culture possesses a good number of meanings as well but we’re working with three of them relating to our subject.
The arts, customs, lifestyles, background, and habits that characterize a particular society or nation.
The beliefs, values, behavior and material objects that constitute a people’s way of life.
The conventional conducts and ideologies of a community; the system comprising of the accepted norms and values of a society.

Culture like religion also gives list of accepted norms and values and similar to religion many cultures see it as a very shameful act for individuals to engage in or encourage at all.

Why do people masturbate/engage themselves in Masturbation

The reason vary from person to person as we’ve previously mentioned.

While some masturbate when their partner is not available for sex as a second option to sex, others masturbate to relieve stress, to counter sexual urge, to sleep better, to save money, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, to relieve tension and relax etc.

Some of these reasons are sometimes considered benefits according to our study on the subject.

Benefits of masturbating

• Better sleep
• Relieves stress
• Help relax
• Saves money
• Prevents sexually transmitted diseases
• Prevents unwanted pregnancies
• Counters sexual urge etc.

Better sleep
Studies on the subject has shown that people often times masturbate to overcome sleepless nights amongst others like more peaceful sleep, longer sleep etc.

Relieves stress
Studies conducted by us on full grown adult men and women in our region who masturbate proves another point that it could as well possess abilities to relax the body and mind from anxiety and it’s likes.

Help Relax
One of the things most of the people we interviewed attested to about masturbation is that it helps them relax after a long day at work.

Saves money
Sex with a partner is free people would usually say, why masturbate?
Keeping a Relationship is not free anywhere in the world, things are expected of you as a person to make your relationship work it could be in form of your time, your resources etc. So the idea of being in a relationship just for sex isn’t a nice idea at all since even your partner could be indisposed. Masturbating at the other hand saves you from unnecessary debit to your credit card if you are in a relationship just for sex.

Prevents sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted disease is simply diseases contracted during sexual intercourse.
When masturbating the risk of sexually transmitted disease is zeroed out since there is absolutely no penetration by the opposite sex and it’s mostly done alone.

Prevents unwanted pregnancies
Masturbation in a simple sentence prevents pregnancy, since penetration by opposite sex is not a part of it and without penetration pregnancy is not possible in either male or female unless in a medical procedure.

Counters sexual urge
Like sex Masturbation could be satisfying and cure immediate urge for sex when a partner is not available.

How to know Excessive Masturbation

Most people who are involved in masturbating develops addictions to it in normal sense.
Once you start skipping events, your chores and daily activities.
Start missing work regularly
Cancel schedules etc.
You could be classified as an excessive masturbator and addicted in normal sense.
Which can in turn harm your relationships and other parts of your life.

Side effects of Masturbation

Masturbation like sex has no long term side effects or any short term dangerous effects.
It’s side effects are
• Decreased sexual sensitivity
• Depression
• Low self esteem
• Procrastination
• Self Guilt etc.
Check out Side effects of Masturbation to know more.

How to stop Masturbating?

Masturbating in actual sense has some good amount of addictive power to get a one time beginner to pro in a very short while, one of the reasons people find it very difficult to get rid of.
If you are one of those people who are willing to do what it takes to quit masturbating check out this article on 11 proven ways to stop watching porn

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